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Our Faculty

Qualified, committed, caring, and enthusiastic teachers are the cornerstone of an effective early education program.  We are fortunate to have three such teachers on our staff.

Gail Power

Teacher/Director, Gail Power, has an M. Ed. in early childhood education, Director II certification, and has been teaching at St. Andrew’s Nursery School for over 10 years.

Sarah Thompson

Teacher, Sarah Thompson, holds an B.A. in early childhood education, and has been involved with our school for over 15 years, as parent, board member, substitute, and is now in her 4th year here as a teacher.

Chelsea White

Teacher, Chelsea White, holds a M.Ed. in early childhood education, and is in her third year of teaching at St. Andrews Coop.

Our teachers are supervised by the Parent Advisory Board, which consists of 6 parents of currently enrolled students.